Agile project management
for Github issues

Organize issues from all your repositories in an easy to use agile board We are in beta, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Manage issues from many repositories with ease.

You have many projects, many repos, and issues spread around all of them? No problem, AgileHub allows you to see all your issues visually organized on one agile board.


Filter issues by repository, milestone or assignee

Filters work instantly to get a focused view of the workload.

Easy drag'n drop interface

Visually moves issues on the Agile Board. Assign issues dragging users to issues. Group issues in milestones to plan releases.

Plan your next releases with our milestones manager

See all your milestones and move issues around to plan easily plan your next release.

Colaborate in real time

The agile board is realtime. All changes made by oter users will show instantly on every connected board. Changes on are also updated immediately.

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